Jane Downing, Change Direction, 2017
Joe Sobel, Untitled (Digestions), 2016
Leanne Simpson, Cruel, 2017
Cherie Brown, Nude Abstract, 2017
Leanne Simpson, A Storm Approaches, 2017
C.A.T. (Chaos and Thread), Knowingness, 2016
Jane Downing, Linked Together, 2016
Jane Downing, Foam Circus, 2016
Jane Downing, Tiki Moon, 2016
Leanne Simpson, Just when I thought it was over, 2017
Begoña Mas Guerrero, Aysha, 2017
Barbara Krajewska, Tango, 2016
Jane Downing, Letting Go, 2016
Sally West, Calm After the Sun, 2017
James Holly, Contents 25, 2017
Eric Sher, Deviation from Reality, 2015
Barbara Krajewska, Le Baiser, 2016
Jane Downing
Jane Downing, Freedom of Painting, 2016