Natalia Juarez, Daisies in Vase, 2016
Barbara Caputo, Dreamy Suspension, 2018
Ulrike Heydasch, Hinterm Bahndamm – Parzelle IV, 2018
Linnea Broling, Lush, 2017
Jill M. Hundahl, Poets & Poppies, 2015
Nyssa Perrin Clark, Exploding Blooms, 2018
Andrea Clay Cook, Garden of Roses #86 Onyx, 2017
Jessica Papini, Nature, 2018
Verena Mayer, Flowers, 2016
Katja Schellekens, Wild Flowers, 2017
David Willis, Jungalero, 2018
Verena Mayer, Cherry Blossom, 2016
Laura Van Horne, Flowers on Fire, 2018
Daisy St, Passing Notes, 2018
MarYi, His Poems are Paintings, 2017
Michelle Xiao, Lily Pond, 2016
Cynthea Josephine, Transcendence, 2018
Virginia Rose, Flowers, 2018
William Grob, Broken Flowers, 2017
Ulrike Heydasch, “Because you’re not here”, 2018
Michelle Xiao, White Blossom, 2017
Juan Sanchez, Clorophytum, 2017
Ulrike Heydasch, On Top of Farmers Hill
Irena Kurkova, Japanese Flower Field, 2016
Ulrike Heydasch, Captured in Paradise, 2018
Ulrike Heydasch, “Grandpa’s garden – as if it were yesterday”, 2019
Elena Chestnykh, Orient Point Beach, 2017
Christina Klein, Dreams of White, 2017
Kamelyta Noor, Dumb Tweet Almost Killed Me, 2018
Marije Geerts, Untitled, 2017