Fragile Express publishes daily inspiring artworks received by artists from all over the world. Unfortunately we can’t publish every received application. Enjoy our latest publications below.

Elise Wessels, Greatful, 2018
Analogue_to_digital, Fragments of Her Dreams, 2018
Cynthea Josephine, Transcendence, 2018
Rachel Wijsman, Lady Art Deco de L’Afrique, 2017
Peter Nilsson, Momentum 310 (Commuting Art), 2017
Melanie Zarrow, Still In Love, 2018
Rhonda Doré, Nocturne, 2018
Mantha Tsialiou, Untitled, 2018
Smit Khond, Quiet Stranger I, 2018
Biddy Hodgkinson, Love Grows, 2017
Mark Zadorozny, Life’s a ripple, 2018
Smit Khond, An Eager Look, 2018
Alexander Mateev, Quasimodo, 2017
Alexander Mateev, Safe our Souls, 2017
Alexander Mateev, The last Heretic, 2017

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With a successful 9 months of open doors in Bali, The Slow has made its mark as a premier island stay with an artful agenda. Located in the southern hood of buzzing Canngu, the multifaceted establishment incorporates all-day dining and drinks, art and local culture, boutique accommodation, and interactive retail. The eclectic space gravitates around the owners’ personal art collection, with a private collection of featured arts by the likes of Chris Searl, Rostarr, Simon Lekias and Kate Bellm. 

Frank Jaehne, Abstract No. 076, 2016
Kari Hall, Season of Awakening, 2017
Codrin Mircea, Mood, 2016
Nora Drahota, Down by the Creek, 2017
Rita Börlin, Louise B, 2016
Christina Mantzoutsos, Untitled, 2017
La Calista Mchedlishvili, Behind the Mirror, 2017
Dimitri Casters, Ignorance Fails, 2017
Maria Trezinski, Bluming, 2016

This is a message by a partner of our cultural dialogue. Interested to advertise too?


Maison Delphine is a little exquisite store in Zurich, Switzerland, that sells ex­clu­sive and handmade clothes weaved with the highest quality of cashmere. Each piece in the collection is produced personally, tailored according to individual specifications and customised to personal colours. Clients can visit the beautiful store in order to get inspired by the beautiful yarn samples, or to try on the latest collection. Maison Delphine obtains its yarn from traditional, italian companies like Cariaggi Lanificio Spa or Loro Piana. Additional to the collection, some paintings by a local artist are displayed within the showroom, complimenting the soft and warm colours of the collection.

Irena Buzi, Three Sunsets Grow Up into a Flowerpot, 2017
Fabian Kiepenheuer & David Späh, Teddy Bear, 2014
David Cow, La La Land -City of Stars, 2016
Ed Clayton, Dome 1, 2017
Valeria Amer, Untitled, 2017
Priscilla Palmieri, Her Majesty, 2017
Christian Scholz, Wellenzauber, 2017
Fabian Kiepenheuer & David Späh, Briefcase, 2014
Shabana Godhrawala, Chair, 2017