Fragile Express publishes daily inspiring artworks received by artists from all over the world. Unfortunately we can’t publish every received application. Enjoy our latest publications below.

Janice Law, Untitled, 2016
Maryse Terny (Fumigraphik), Grand Central, 2019
Silvana Jankovic, Bouquet No 1, 2019
Mila Plaickner, Selfie, 2019
Dick van Dijk, Someday, 2018
Christian Hastad, Catch and Fall, [Spring], 2019
Sarah West, Shimmer, 2018
Denise Eyer-Oggier, It’s Shearing out the Letters II, 2013
Olinka Lajciakova, First Day of Summer, 2019
Viktoria Feher, #2, 2019
Silvia Hollweg, land[SCAPE], 2019
Andrea Ladogana, Serie N.15, 2019
Rachel Wijsman, Who said Nefertiti was a woman? 2019
Gigi Palmer, Flamingo Dance, 2019
Paul Helliwell, Hazard Warning, 2019
PIerre Le Page, Sans Titre – Improvisation Petit Format, 2019
Ceci Villafagne, Selfie con instrucciones, 2016
Stewart Nicol Soutar, Oh Brave New World that hath such creatures in it.
Per Olav Kobberstad, Ab1, 2019
Dara De Der, Impressionistic Dream, 2019
Karin Goeppert, Pop, 2019
Valeria Amer, Of What Was There, 2018
Stewart Nicol Soutar, Towards Our Destination – Dystopia 2
Paulina Siniatkina, Intimacy, 2017
Stewart Nicol Soutar, The Harbour at Dystopia, 2018
Jose Cifuentes, Unstable, 2019
Alou Dia, Living Coral, 2018
Sophie Capron, Disconnected, 2019
Raphaela M.L. Dierks, Spicy Ginger, 2019
Nehuen Wolf, Ludmila, 2014
Nao Minei, Untilled, 2019
David Csovari, Jelly Belly, 2018
Andreas Lüthi, Dancing Barefoot, 2019
Jose Cifuentes, Insight, 2018
Nao Minei ,”Idea of Gut’s Series, Vol. 1″, 2018

This is a message by a partner of our cultural dialogue. Interested to participate too?


With a successful 9 months of open doors in Bali, The Slow has made its mark as a premier island stay with an artful agenda. Located in the southern hood of buzzing Canngu, the multifaceted establishment incorporates all-day dining and drinks, art and local culture, boutique accommodation, and interactive retail. The eclectic space gravitates around the owners’ personal art collection, with a private collection of featured arts by the likes of Chris Searl, Rostarr, Simon Lekias and Kate Bellm. 

Dominik Borkowski, Untitled, 2016
Evelyn Schmidt, Female Nude, 2016
Luisa Bruschke, Wildflower, 2017
Alexander Zelger, Damage by Fire, 2017
Kerry Sokoll, Brouhaha en Rouge, 2016
Jose Cifuentes, Terri Lew, 2019
Laura Bianchi Florio, Emotions, 2017
Suki Nabarro, Dark Days, 2017
Ignacio Alvaro, Cuchimilcos, 2016

This is a message by a partner of our cultural dialogue. Interested to participate too?


The Visionary Projects curates meaningful experiences with influential artists, creators & innovators in cities around the world. With a goal to promote creativity, personal growth and social change, we utilize the strengths of our collective outreach to learn the specialties of these visionary leaders. These kinds of workshops & events are meant for everyone - beginner to professional, of all backgrounds. Our team shares personal and professional knowledge of fine art, photography, filmmaking, writing, yoga & general wellbeing.

Muriel Johannah, It doesn’t Matter, 2018
Adelaide Maillard, Down by the Water, 2016
Jeroen Kerre, B005, 2017
Renato Calaj, Untitled, Series 17, 2017
Mel Evans, Blush, 2016
Jill M. Hundahl, Poets & Poppies, 2015
John Cullen, Hug, 2017
Brenda Gottelli, La Mujer, 2017
Laura Van Horne, Flowers on Fire, 2018