Fragile Express publishes daily inspiring artworks received by artists from all over the world. Unfortunately we can’t publish every received application. Enjoy our latest publications below.

Tyler Hall, ABNORMAL, 2018
Juan Castillo, Y ahora, qué?, 2018
Deadhippy, Drip, 2018
Karin Goeppert, Chevaux, 2018
Emily Krueckl, Elle Ne Sait Pas, 2018
Czesław Nowakowski, Date of a Glass of Wine, 2018
Ulrike Heydasch, Captured in Paradise, 2018
Deadhippy, The Devil Karim, 2018
Emily Krueckl, Ryann, 2018
Stefan Tiemann, Gemeinschaft, 2018
Anna Sadzik, Bang, 2018
Emily Krueckl, Big Risks, 2018
Hale Aydar, PD-7, 2018
Anthony Garratt, Riverbank, 2018
Radek Smach, TU709, 2018
Gaetano Pergamo, Saved Souls, 2018
Hennesien van Walderveen, Therese, 2018
Jessica Papini, Nature, 2018
Karin Goeppert, Creek, 2018
Dan Terry, Texas Longhorns & Bluebonnets Mural, 2017
Stephanie Konu, Homonym, 2018
Magdalena Kielb, Tell Nobody, 2018
Ulrike Heydasch, On Top of Farmers Hill
May-Linn Aaslie, January in North
Meral Gul, Who are you?, 2018
Maksym Berezenko, The Meeting, 2018
Farzin Rahneshin, Vacancy, 2018
Malinkina Ekaterina, Red Woman, 2018
Nunzio Miano, The Unveiling, 2018
Andreea Zecheru, “Blue” series – “In Flow”, 2018
Miriam Prantl, Eightfolds 5a, 2018
Kate Dolan, Amongst the Trees with Nina, 2018
Dusko Rokvic, Moon in the botlle, 2018
Karin Goeppert, Garden in Autumn, 2018
Ulrike Heydasch, “Because you’re not here”, 2018

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Atelier Schipfe 27

The atelier Schipfe 27 is located at the medieval arcaded sidewalk called Schipfe directly at the bank of the river Limmat in the heart of Zurich in Switzerland. In this beautiful and idyllic studio Susanna Rüttimann – Kiepenheuer, works as an artist. Initially, she produced utility ceramics, but later she decided to focus her creative activity on female sculptures which she is creating and additionally displaying in her studio. Furthermore, she held exhibitions in European galleries in Berlin, Brussels, St. Gallen, Winterthur and Zurich. In 1982, one of her works was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

Lina Kobeissi, The Rush (Cooper), 2016
Massimo Di Stefano, The Storm, 2010
Piotr Pardiak, See(a), 2016
Ignacio Alvaro, Cuchimilcos, 2016
Louise Mandumbwa, Wayne, 2018
Eugenio Azzola, West Fence, 2016
Albert Broc, Diagram Notes, 2017
Violetta Goldina, My Russia, 2016
Hennesien van Walderveen, Mr. Q., 2017

This is a message by a partner of our cultural dialogue. Interested to participate too?


Maison Delphine is a little exquisite store in Zurich, Switzerland, that sells ex­clu­sive and handmade clothes weaved with the highest quality of cashmere. Each piece in the collection is produced personally, tailored according to individual specifications and customised to personal colours. Clients can visit the beautiful store in order to get inspired by the beautiful yarn samples, or to try on the latest collection. Maison Delphine obtains its yarn from traditional, italian companies like Cariaggi Lanificio Spa or Loro Piana. Additional to the collection, some paintings by a local artist are displayed within the showroom, complimenting the soft and warm colours of the collection.

Giulia Querin, Untitled, 2017
Spencer Patrick, City in Puddles, 2017
José Maria Clark, Oxidation Process, 2016
Tobias Staaf, Chaos and Order, 2018
Andreea Zecheru, “Blue” series – “In Flow”, 2018
Elizaveta O’Grady, Spring is on the Way, 2017
Maria, Aleqsanyan, 2016
Hun Jung Kim, Red Roofs in Prague, 2017
Jeff Cote, Absorb The Machine, 2018