Terms and conditions:

By submitting pictures of artworks and other materials to Fragile Express, an artist/author is automatically granting Fragile Express the license to publish on our website (www.fragile-express.com) and other platforms (f.e. Instagram and Facebook).

  1. Copyright of all works and other material remains with the artist/author.
  2. Fragile Express’ online gallery is curated. 
  3. Before an artwork will be published the artists application will be approved by Fragile Express if the artwork fits into the concept of the gallery.
  4. A publication on the website of Fragile Express is free.
  5. The duration of a publication is not defined.
  6. The publication of an artwork stays online as long Fragile Express defines it.
  7. The order of publications in the galleries can be chronological, random or filtered by certain catagories.
  8. All payments to Fragile Express are made through PayPal.
  9. In case of a sale via Fragile Express we charge a commission fee of 15% of the selling price. 
  10. Fragile Express will forward any contacts of potential buyers and interested parties directly to the artist via mail.
  11. Fragile Express excludes any obligations and responsibilities concerning any payments to the artist, shippings and insurances.