Fabian Kiepenheuer 

Zürich, Switzerland *1981



Fabian Kiepenheuer studied architecture at the ETH Zurich from 2002 to 2008. He received his master’s degree from the ETH Studio Basel. In 2009 he received the Ernst Schindler travel Grant, and in 2010 the Erich Degen Scholarship.  He held in 2013 a photography exhibition on Eccentric Structures in Eastern Europe, and in 2014 he published with Lukas Wolfensberger a territorial investigation of cultured landscapes in Southeast China. In 2014 he held with David Späh an exhibition on sculptures in hidden spaces called "Innenwelten" at Kaufleuten Zurich.He is working as an sub-project leader for Diener & Diener Architects in Basel and Zurich, and is currently managing the execution of the facade of  Swiss Re's new headquarter in Zurich and the submission of the facade of the "Tonhalle- und Kongresshaus" in Zurich. In 2016 he founded the art network Fragile Express which is used today by several hundreds emerging artists from all over the world to display and sell their artworks. His own artwork is influenced by his architectural background.



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