Kate Chesters 

Liverpool, England *1991



Kate Chesters is a Liverpool based artist creating abstract landscape paintings and resin artworks. Her work is inspired by the epic landscapes seen on her travels around the world. Kate studied at Liverpool Hope University from 2010-2013, achieving a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, and a Masters in Art History and Curating the following year. She now works in a studio on Victoria street in Liverpool city centre with 9 other creatives. Her work has sold all over the world, from the United Kingdom to Bolivia, Holland, Vietnam, Germany and the USA. As well as adding new artworks to her collection, Kate regularly works on private commissions.Inspired by the English landscape painter J.M.W Turner, Kate Chesters specialises in abstract seascape and landscape paintings, Working from her studio in Liverpool city centre, Kate creates contemporary artworks using acrylic paint and resin. There is a vibrant energy and movement within her work, combined with calming and peaceful elements for the viewer to savour.Many of the pieces in the collection are inspired by the sea and sky in Iceland. Although there is very little sunlight during the winter months, the sky in Iceland is known for it’s captivating displays of light and colour. Having always been fascinated and mesmerised by the sky, it is the intention to capture the essence and awe-inspiring emotion that a dramatic landscape evokes, highlighting the different tonal and mood effects that light has on nature.



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May 22, 2017
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