Daniela Schweinsberg, Mad World, 2018

Acrylic on Paper
150 x 150cm

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  • : Daniela Schweinsberg
  • : Germany
  • : Frankfurt am Main
  • : Acrylic on Paper
  • : 150 x 150cm
  • : 2018
  • : no
  • : yes
  • : For Sale
  • : 1200 €
  • : "Mad World" is crazy, punchy, edgy - a large statement piece. It is painted on Yupo synthetic paper, and the smooth and snow white surface makes the colours shine even brighter! Acryclic, charchoal and spray paint on 250 gsm Yupo paper. Signed on the front. Sealed with a professional silky glossy varnish (Lascaux) with UV protection and to optimize the colours. Please note that this painting is on paper and has to be framed - due to this reason it has a more favourable price as "ready to hang" artworks on canvas in the same size. You also save shipping costs, because it is shipped rolled.
  • : https://www.daniela-schweinsberg.de/

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