Irene van den Bos 

Hilversum, Netherlands *1953

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” (Edward Hopper)


The Dutch landscape is a reflection of herself. She feels at home in an environment where one can see far away, such as at the mudflats, in the wetlands or along the coast. For her, the serenity and silence of these landscapes are a source of inspiration and also have a calming effect on the soul. She is always surprised by what she sees during her daily nature walks as well as in those areas of the Netherlands which she likes to go to, Zeeland and Friesland. Despite the fact that she paints and draws what can be seen, there is a high degree of abstraction. She appropriates the original image through a process of distortion and blurring. This gives the images therefore a softness and mystery and are becoming increasingly elusive. Irene van den Bos is represented by Adoráble ART+DESIGN Galery, The Hague.



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