Coskun Ozcakir 

Kusadasi, Turkey *1951

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks."


Turkish/American artist born in Izmir, Turkey completed his Graphic Design and Art education in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art diploma from California State University Los Angeles. After gaining experience as an art director at various advertising agencies in the USA, he opened his own advertising agency in Newport Beach, CA in 1979 and successfully managed it for 30 years. He returned to his country in 2009 and settled in Kuşadası, concentrating on painting in his atelier. The artist opened his first painting exhibition during his high school years at İzmir Fair Culturepark Art Gallery under the leadership of his dear painting teacher Yalçın Gökçebağ. Two solo exhibitions in Los Alamitos in the USA in 2007 and in Newport Beach California in 2008, and a solo exhibition called “DENİZLER” in Turkey in 2018 at D-Marin Didim Yacht Club under the sponsorship of Doğuş Group. A group exhibition in Milan in Italy in 2021. He participated in many group exhibitions from Edirne to Mersin, especially in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, and important art fairs such as International IAAF Istanbul, ART ANKARA International Contemporary Art Fair and ART THESSALONIKI International Contemporary Art Fair. Original, natural and positive themes are dominant in the works of the artist. His compositions, which arouse surprise excitement in the audience and touch their souls with the colors he uses in perfect harmony, are quite remarkable. With the special techniques he has masterfully applied, the free fluidity of colors turns into extraordinary works on his canvas, just as the earth, rivers and seas are viewed from space. The artist has displayed in many private collections in Turkey, in the USA of California and Florida, as well as in various countries of the world such as England and Germany. He continues his artistic works in his atelier in Kusadasi, Turkey.



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