D E S I R E H 

Berlin, Germany *1981

"A picture is like a door to a world behind our world. if you are willing to dive into it will enfold it's magic."



Desireh’s pictures are multidimensional time-based expressions of audiovisual experiences. Her work is interdisciplinary and based on digital media. She is interested in making the supposed invisible visible. Vibrations, originating from real-world sound sources or even subtler qualities such as emotions, emanate their own frequency which can be captured digitally and presented as visual abstractions. This is accomplished by using a computer program, camera and microphone; where the „event“ being captured is affected visually by the auditory distortions the program hears. Desireh has dubbed the technique, Video-Sound-Painting. This new „Digital Impressionism“ is evoked by environmental sound as simple as ones voice, breath or even music as the program distorts and transforms it to visible fixed imagery. Over time, different sound sources allow their resonance to add a new layer to the fixed imprint, cementing it further in its own digital ether.



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