Alina Isabel 

Munich, Germany *1994

"In a constant state of transformation"


The German artist with Italian roots Alina Isabel was born 1994 in Munich. Currently she is living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her abstract art is built on a symbiosis of feminine energy, nature and spirituality. Through her paintings and artworks she is expressing her highly-sensitive soul. Woman empowerment, freedom and self-love plays a huge role in her art. She criticizes the society and social media for putting unrealistic and unhealthy expectations on women. In 2020 Alina Isabel moved to Vienna, Austria and started to work on her first series “transformation”, which was successfully published at her solo exhibition in 2021. Her exhibitions are characterized by the support and the power of women. She believes in the importance and chance of women sticking together. Attracted to earth-tones and gold, she works with a variety of techniques and materials. To implement her vision she uses different mediums like acrylics, modeling clay, metals, fabrics, light and 24k gold. Furthermore she experiments with objects for which others no longer find a use and transforms its purpose. The flowing shapes are symbolizing the constant changes we have to go through as human beings. Life is an ongoing process and it happens in different stages. Therefore we should embrace every phase of our life and every version of ourselves.



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February 27, 2022


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