Silvia Haralambova 

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria *1969

Art is the Beauty of everything


Silvia inherited the love to art from her grandfather who was a textile designer at the textile factories all over Bulgaria. As an artist and a person, acting with senses and feelings, she says that art works speak more than words. Silvia lets her creations talk alone about themselves. The contents of her works appear instinctively, spontaneously and naturally without prior preparation and planification. Silvia paints on canvas, paper and hard boards. She is attracted by all the colours of the rainbow, and yet, her favourites are gold, orange, red, blue, yellow and the innumerable combinations of them all. Mixed media is one of her favourite mediums. She likes embedding in both paintings and textiles various natural materials like little stones, cracked sea shells, straw, wool, silk, cotton, plant fibres, etc. Nature plays a great importance in Silvia’s art as well. Being convinced that every artist needs a wide variety of new and interesting places on earth in order to provoke, enrich and develop their art life, she is constantly aiming to broaden her artistic horizon and to develop farther as an artist. Silvia has participated in Artist-in-Residence Programs in different countries like Spain, Austria, Ukraine and Ireland and she has exposed in galleries, fairs and other artistic events in USA, Canada, Ireland, The Netherland, Turkey, Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg. Her art creations have found a home in private and public collections in Bulgaria, Spain, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Ukraine and USA.



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