Erika Arias 

Barcelona, Spain *1978

"I love working with people who are passionate and live with art in all its expression"


Erika Arias was born 1978 in Bogotá, Colombia and lives currently in Barcelona, Spain. She has a degree in advertising, photography and a Master's degree in film and audio-visual production design from the European university of Madrid. Erika Arias’ work is currently the result of an extensive exploration of the body around its identity. The human figure, the tangible, as a container of memory and emotions that are recorded through the physical and emotional experiences we have lived previously. She has reached a point where movement and body expression, the discipline of music, all of this together with elements of nature such as water, has allowed her to understand and discover that there is an implicit and binding therapeutic exercise in this combination of action and expression. And it is at this meeting point where the therapeutic becomes a fundamental component in her work . There is a clear will, thought out and agreed, to mix the performance with the photographic exercise to make them live together in the space of some natural elements such as water, sound and movement with the aim of working emotions, experiences, and in short the latent that is veiled or hidden by the unconscious. These elements of nature have always lived with her, as part of her body and as a vanishing point from a spirituality that helps her to know herself and (re)know better what surrounds her. Every photographic exercise has an implicit therapeutic part, where emotions are activated and connections are created that make us more human and allow us to be more present.



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