Sofa Collady 

Magadan, Russia *1994

"Make love . Create art. Repeat & Enjoy."


Sofa is painting since childhood. Her art path is being perfected by her hands and her free mind. Her work is influenced by African Art on one hand and Fetish art on the other. She sais that African art is the balm for her mind and Fetish art is the embodiment of her inner energy which she is willing to share through her artworks. Her specific love to African art was formed by her biography. She was born in the North East of Russia in a area influenced by a continental climate and permafrost where it’s often about 30-50degrees in winter. This rough environment subconsciously generated her love and affection to authentic African beauty, ethnic art with all the juicy colours, patterns and prints. It gave her always the feeling of overwhelming warmth, love and care which she was longing in that severe climate.



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