Vladimir Abaimov 

Novosibirsk, Russia *1954

„The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come true“


It doesn’t make sense, approaching a painter with questions like, «What did you mean by that picture? What is there on it?» Connoisseurs, art critics, mere visitors should ask such questions themselves in the first place. That’s what I found out when I met this painter, Vladimir Abaimov. The way it happened, before I actually saw his paintings I had a chance to find out spectators’ opinion on them while leafing through his exhibitions’ reference book. Reading these most interesting notes I was a bit in two minds on how to treat this painter - some people would feel envy to his talent confessing on how close and clear his meaning was to them, others would recommend him to change his occupation for their not making a thing out of his paintings. What’s more, some would predict him success and prosperity as sure as some astrologers might do while others would condemn him to failure with as much fervor. A work of art is appealing directly to our soul and feelings, so should we start analyze a picture the way we might prepare a butterfly, we’d just deprive it of its initial meaning. Spectators though keep on asking stubbornly, «What is it / Why is it for» or stick their claim, «No, I’d make it otherwise / It can’t be this way». Don’t all of us know though the difference between a thing and a thought caused by it; between the visible, something you can touch, and mental images, fantasies, imperceptible and mysterious interchanges of feelings within our soul? The one who is capable of expressing it, depicting it, is a painter. A painter is like a medium capable of converting sounds, words and feelings into colors, shades and lines. There are some people interpreting Vladimir Abaimov’s diversity of themes and technique as flirting with spectators or lack of ability to find «his own ground», his «theme». The painter himself comments though that a choice of style, form and painting technique is subject to a certain aim and concept. If he gets attracted by, say, smooth resiliency of Siberian apples, he just takes those apples the way they are and one can see spectators contemplating his «Still Life with Wine» with some really appetizing look enjoying their crisp freshness. - Olga Babanova



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